Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a GREAT summer!!  Torch Light Music School is excited to reopen to our full schedule beginning Tuesday September 6th.  We are currently enrolling for lessons in voice, keys, guitars & drums, many lessons are almost sold out.  Torch has had an incredible summer and we’re thrilled to get started again as soon as possible!  Over the summer, many wonderful things occurred including welcoming many new students and selling out all our summer lesson spots!  The Torch Light Artist Development Program was also created this summer!  This program invests in training the most advanced students in the art of songwriting, vocal power, presentation and performance.  Many students became quite familiar with their most powerful vocal range, ability to embody the character of the voice in their songs through expression and will enter their fall auditions with excitement and confidence!  This Fall, we are expanding the Torch Light Artist Development Program to include individual artists and groups by invitation and audition.  We will be expanding and creating professional original performance pieces to serve the talent, vocal ranges and vision of our students.

FREE Drop In Guitar Jam Session!

Friday, September 16th at 4:00 we are having a FREE guitar drop in and jam session.  Come meet our new guitar teacher Poh Hok!  Bring a guitar, get playing tips from Poh.  We will conclude the session by playing a song with a full band arrangement with the guitarists led by Poh, Maura on keys and Clyde on drums.  Poh is enrolling private guitar students on Fridays.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons (electric, acoustic, bass, ukulele) are now offered on Fridays by our new guitar teacher Poh Hok!  Whether you want to learn to shred leads, play rhythm, acoustic, bass or ukulele.  Contact us to enroll!

Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons are offered on Fridays by Production Manager Clyde Ford.  Torch Light drum students are taught the fundamentals of drumming, reading music and playing the drum set.  Torch Light drum students are also taught to learn how to play along with their favorite songs on CDs, IPODS, tablets, or laptops through the state-of-the-art PA system installed at our studio.  Contact us to enroll!

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