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Torch Light Music School - Excellence In Music Education!

Torch Light Music School specializes in Voice Lessons, Recordings and Stage Performance coaching for ages 8 to adult.  Our music lessons provide our students an advanced level of music education tailored to their level while building confidence and self-esteem.

To accomplish this goal, we SPECIALIZE in vocal coaching, presentation and expression.  Many other music schools give voice lessons in a tiny room with a piano and no microphones. Torch Light Music School’s voice students are trained in our large state of the art studio equipped with microphones, full length mirrors and stage lighting for presentation.  We use top quality equipment including Shure microphones, Yamaha and Roland instruments, Yamaha speakers and professional recording equipment.  Professionally recordings of our voice students are available as a part of their lessons at no additional charge.

Torch Light Music School offers our students many performance opportunities including our annual concert held at The Regent Underground Theater, and several Open Mic performances held at our studio.  All music lessons and classes are held at our state of the art studio located at 11-A Medford Street in Arlington.

In a 2010 report by Dr. Anthony Kamaroff of Harvard Medical School, learning to play an instrument and studying voice will “enhance the brain’s ability to master tasks involving language skills, memory, and attention. Some research suggests that music may work this magic through rhythms.” For a student, this would expand into other areas of their world with enhanced self-esteem, a greater understanding of their strengths, talents, increased cognitive and patterning skills - all through the joy of music!

Our music school attracts many talented students from Arlington and several surrounding communities including Lexington, Belmont, Winchester, Watertown, Woburn, Cambridge, Medford, Somerville, Burlington, Bedford and Concord.

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