Building Self-Confidence through Music

Building Self-Confidence through MusicImagine if you could do one of your very favorite things and increase how great you feel every day, increase your grades, your brain power, feel great in front of a crowd and make new friends? You and your child CAN HAVE THAT! Building self-confidence and self-esteem through studying singing and musical instruments has been proven again and again!

Read what Dr. Anthony Kamaroff of Harvard Medical School has to say:

“Learning to play an instrument and studying voice will ‘enhance the brain’s ability to master tasks involving language skills, memory and attention. Some research suggests that music may work this magic through rhythms.” For a student, this would expand into other areas of their world with enhanced self-esteem, a greater understanding of their strengths, talents, increased cognitive and patterning skills.”

All through the joy of music!

In my years of teaching voice and music, one of the greatest thrills is to see a student who comes to study with me and watch them discover a new part of themselves that they didn’t quite know was there – thrilling, powerful and inspiring!! To coach and watch a student grow from that excited beginning to a wonderfully confident artist who is able to shine through their own self-expression – this is my joy and vision!

However, music can be a life boat to students when times are not so great, this is when a student finds themselves criticized, judged or bullied.

One of my students was going through this very thing. She had achieved more than some of her peers had expected by landing a lead in the school show. That’s when the bullying began. Stunned, my student came to me craving the answer to why people bully others?

We talked very briefly about students who are hurt in their own lives and act out on others and still, it’s not okay for anyone to have to endure undue criticism. We spoke then of the power of speaking her own truth and finding the confidence to stand on her own value, even alone and say, “this is not okay and I’m doing what I can to change it.”

Unlike most students who may have turned away, my student prepared to confront the bully directly and let them know that they would stop or she was going to speak up, even if it meant going alone. Then she did something really extraordinary, in that very moment she went right up to the bully and said, “Yup, this is over, I’m going to Guidance right now.” And she did.

To her amazement, she was supported not only by the Guidance staff but by her peers who had been suffering too but didn’t know how to speak up nor the courage or the confidence to confront the bully. Many of her own peers approached her to thank her for helping them too!

She was so surprised. She thought she’d be shunned for getting the help. Instead, she became a leader. Two months later, the bully wanted to be her friend!

What does this have to do with Music Lessons? Everything.

At Torch Light Music School, I train and care for the whole artist. My student felt very comfortable coming to me to share her challenge and get support. The day she was going to confront the bully, her lesson was that afternoon. I was so eager to hear how she had made out. She walked in beaming, for which I felt great relief, and shared her story. In the middle of the story, she paused, looked at me and said, “If I hadn’t been coming here to work with you I would not have had the guts to do that.” She confided that the coaching, voice lessons and live performances she had experienced with us gave her more confidence. I’ve seen these results with many other students throughout the years as well. To cover the tears that were surfacing because I was so touched by her comment, I put on a big beaming smile and then we continued to sing Wrecking Ball!

This is the value of investing in your child and maybe even in yourself. It’s not just a song, it’s a whole person and a Strong Voice.