Open Mic

The Open Mic Pizza Parties are for Torch Light Students, Family and Friends, are held in the Torch Light Tiny Theater at the Torch Light Music School. The Open Mics, held every other month, are designed for students to share their songs in a live performance setting, increase their confidence and make new friends throughout the Torch Light family. What a great way for Torch Light Music School students to share their love of music, practice their craft and meet other students from Torch Light who share their common goals and experiences.

For Adult and advanced students in collaboration with Morningside Music, another series of Open Mics is held monthly at the Town Tavern in Arlington with a live band!

The Open Mic format is:

  • A wonderful way for a beginner to share a song and feel first-hand the thrill of performance.
  • Perfect for the experienced student to have the opportunity to consistently hone their own style or to bring their own original music to a supportive audience for the first time.

Torch Light students are welcome to bring their friends as well to the Open Mic to share "their" studio experience with their friends. If time permits, some of the friends and parents even are inspired to stand up and share a tune. Either way, a great time is had by all in a very welcoming state-of-the-art performance environment!