Nikki K. (Student)

Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music has changed the way that I am appreciating music. Not only has Ms. Lynch changed the way that I sing in a positive way, but they also helped me to discover myself as a performer. I began taking lessons at in my sophomore year of high school. When I began, I was very insecure about my voice and unsure how to manipulate it in a way that sounded good. After only a few one on one lessons with Ms. Lynch, I already felt more confident. By my senior year, I received a lead role in my school’s musical. The group lessons also offered here taught me much about the way that my voice can blend in a unique way with the voices of my peers. Ms. Lynch’s love of music is one that cannot be matched. Her dedication to each and every one of her students is truly inspiring and motivating. I recommend studying with Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music to anyone who has love and passion for music.