Patrice G.

Our son has been a student with Maura Lynch and staff from Torch Light Music for the past three years. Whether he’s studied guitar, piano or voice, the quality of the classes remains the same: excellent. He has become more confident in his abilities and we’ve watched his love of music continue to grow. I’ve also studied voice with Maura for about three years now. My initial reason for taking vocal lessons was to try to overcome my extreme shyness and self-consciousness about my voice. Before taking lessons with Maura, I can honestly say that if anyone happened to overhear me singing and commented on my voice it would have been enough to silence me for months afterward or bring me to tears. Maura has an incredible gift of being able to make very self-conscious, hypercritical students relax enough to silence their inner critics so that the notes can flow. My range has increased, I’ve learned what styles suit me best and my confidence has grown dramatically. I’ve recorded several songs, and can honestly say I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished under Maura’s guidance and support. I’ve let people listen to my recordings and have jammed with some trusted friends, which would have been unthinkable prior to being a student. I can’t say enough about both Maura and Clyde. In a world where mediocrity is becoming the new standard, their continued pursuit of excellence is truly inspiring.