We were thrilled with the performance last Sunday. Our daughter is shy at school and often lacks confidence. It meant alot to her and us that she was chosen to be a leader. She writes frequently about Torch Light Music in her journal. Thanks for what you do. We think it’s a great program!

Cheryl S. (Parent)

Hi Ms. Lynch, I can’t believe I won! (The American Idol Experience singing competition at Disney Studios) It was an incredible experience. I couldn’t have done it without your training and coaching these past 8 years. Thanks for everything you’ve done and I hope you and Mr. Ford have a great summer!

Sergie (Student)

You won’t believe what I did last Monday. I sang a Greek carol at my church all by myself and all of the teachers and parents called my mother to tell her how good I was. If I didn’t have you to teach me not to be scared of getting on stage, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Thanks!!

Irini F. (Student)

Studying voice with Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music School has been a truly uplifting and inspiring place for me. When I started out I did not know how to use my voice to produce something that even remotely sounded like singing, but after one lesson, Ms. Lynch assured me that anyone can sing, you just need to learn and practice. Now after two years of voice training, I can not only manipulate my voice in various ways to sound like a professional singer, but they have also helped me to be confident as a person and has helped me to achieve various acceptances in plays and schools! I recommend Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music School to anyone with a passion for music or performing.

Pete C. (Student)

The instructors Maura Lynch & Clyde Ford are great with kids; talented, patient & kind. They are so gifted in what they do!! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

Trish B. (Parent)

I have been a singer/performer for many years. I chose to study with Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music to help me “fine tune” my vocal abilities and performance edge. Maura’s approach/style of teaching has taught me to be a stronger, more skilled vocalist. Her dedication to teaching and many years of professional experience in the music business comes across in her teaching style. Her music studio, Torch Light Music, continues to be a fun, dynamic studio where lots of talent is grown!

Trish Ives (Student)

I can’t say enough about Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music! My daughter has taken voice lessons there and she showed improvement in her voice nearly immediately. We have been very pleased with her improved confidence and we could hear that on her own personal CD that was recorded for her Maura Lynch’s recording studio.

Rachel F. (Parent)

Our son has been a student with Maura Lynch and staff from Torch Light Music for the past three years. Whether he’s studied guitar, piano or voice, the quality of the classes remains the same: excellent. He has become more confident in his abilities and we’ve watched his love of music continue to grow. I’ve also studied voice with Maura for about three years now. My initial reason for taking vocal lessons was to try to overcome my extreme shyness and self-consciousness about my voice. Before taking lessons with Maura, I can honestly say that if anyone happened to overhear me singing and commented on my voice it would have been enough to silence me for months afterward or bring me to tears. Maura has an incredible gift of being able to make very self-conscious, hypercritical students relax enough to silence their inner critics so that the notes can flow. My range has increased, I’ve learned what styles suit me best and my confidence has grown dramatically. I’ve recorded several songs, and can honestly say I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished under Maura’s guidance and support. I’ve let people listen to my recordings and have jammed with some trusted friends, which would have been unthinkable prior to being a student. I can’t say enough about both Maura and Clyde. In a world where mediocrity is becoming the new standard, their continued pursuit of excellence is truly inspiring.

Patrice G. (Parent & Student)

Studying voice with Maura from Torch Light Music has positively impacted my life in numerous ways. I have been singing and performing with her for a little over ten years now and my experience has been nothing less than amazing. Along with having a blast during each lesson and performance, I also gain more and more confidence and self-esteem each time I step into the studio. Ms. Lynch, the private voice instructor, has an incredible and rare love and passion for music and teaching. Through her one on one instruction and demonstrations, I feel limitless. Ms. Lynch and Torch Light Music have not only made me a stronger performer and entertainer, but also a stronger individual. I highly recommend Torch Light Music, without hesitation, to anyone who has a love and passion for music.

Katie P. (Student)

For years the dynamic team of Maura Lynch and Clyde Ford have been doing much more than providing after-school entertainment for kids. Their music studio has been helping young people develop their talents (in some cases to great heights) and realize potential they were not aware they had. My two daughters (aged 7 & 11) have participated for years and the benefit is clear and obvious.

Phil A. (Parent)

It was a fabulous show! I know how much work went into it and you made it seamless. The singers were perfect and the timing right on! Congratulations!”

Kathleen D.

Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music has been such an important part of our son’s development. Her training has helped build his confidence and inspire his love of music. Our son has taken vocal lessons from Maura Lynch for almost 10 years and we are grateful for all that her training has meant to him. We highly recommend her studio, Torch Light Music School.

Serge C. (Parent)

Ms. Lynch has changed my life in several ways. When I don’t think I can do something, she believes in me and says that I can. I have always loved to sing and perform, but I was scared to sing in front of people. Ms. Lynch has taught me not to be afraid of performing for an audience. Now I perform all the time! Ms. Lynch has faith in me and I admire and appreciate her for that.

Katie P. (Student)

If I had to pick one person who has influenced my life the most this year it would have to be Ms. Lynch.

Jen E. (Student)

Thank you so much for all you have taught Carrigan. We love the program. She has learned a great appreciation for music that I hope will last her a lifetime.

Tanya D. (Parent)

I want to thank you so much for your work with Emily. She is really coming to her own. She is very excited about working on writing her song with you, and thrilled about the cabaret singing opportunity in your show. She is really gaining confidence in her singing, which spreads to her whole being, and I am very grateful for your part in her blossoming.

Mary W. (Parent)

Our Joe has blossomed this year, thanks in most part to his participation in your wonderful studio!

Karen Z. (Parent)

My dear friends, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. You have given me the most precious gift, music. Music is my voice, it was my only way to express to people how I felt. Because of what I have learned through my time spent with Maura Lynch, I can use my voice to speak and sing. I am a stronger person because of both of you and I hope to stay close friends.

You have been an inspiration to so many, and I’m glad in my life I had the chance to work with you and hope to again. I’m going to be great in life. I have confidence and you put it there. You truly have been an inspiration, I will never forget my time at your studio and highly recommend Torch Light Music. Thank you.

Jack J. (Student)

Paul, Alex and I wanted to let you know how important you’ve been to Alex during his three years in your classes. He has come to love music in large part because of you. You are both very gifted musicians and teachers and we feel lucky that Alex had the opportunity to be one of your students.

Sally L. (Parent)

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Torch Light Music production. I cannot believe the continued energy and support you and Clyde provide for the children. Bravo!!

Eileen C. (Parent)

Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music has changed the way that I am appreciating music. Not only has Ms. Lynch changed the way that I sing in a positive way, but they also helped me to discover myself as a performer. I began taking lessons at in my sophomore year of high school. When I began, I was very insecure about my voice and unsure how to manipulate it in a way that sounded good. After only a few one on one lessons with Ms. Lynch, I already felt more confident. By my senior year, I received a lead role in my school’s musical. The group lessons also offered here taught me much about the way that my voice can blend in a unique way with the voices of my peers. Ms. Lynch’s love of music is one that cannot be matched. Her dedication to each and every one of her students is truly inspiring and motivating. I recommend studying with Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music to anyone who has love and passion for music.

Nikki K. (Student)

My daughter has been attending music classes with Maura Lynch & Clyde Ford since she was in the third grade, she is now in the eighth grade. Through their skills as music teachers and their hands on encouragement for each student, I have watched my daughter grow from a shy third grader to a confident young lady who is able to get up in front of a large audience and sing her heart out.

John Q. (Parent)

Thank you for the classes that went deeper than music. I know that I have learned the first of many life lessons from you.

Erin T. (Student)

What a great show!! The kids do a wonderful job and John loves the class. What a great opportunity for him to be working with such caring and talented people!

Elinor N. (Parent)

I would like to thank you for your support and kindness during the past two years. You have been wonderful teachers and I will miss you in my heart forever.

Alexis D. (Student)

Thank you for sharing your passion for music with everyone. We are so grateful for all that you’ve done.

Joan S. (Parent)

Just wanted to thank you both so much for all that you’ve done over the past three years to show Emily just how fun and exciting the world of music can be.

Julie W. (Parent)

Dear Ms. Lynch, Thank you so much for being my singing teacher. You have really helped me to improve my voice. I can’t wait to keep singing with you next year!

Leora R. (Student)

As for Torch Light Music Majors, there’s not much more I can add than to say it was wonderful to sing again, with nice people, a real conductor and production expert in the lead was such fun!!

Karen Z. (Parent)

I wish I had this when I was a kid!

Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith's bassist and parent.

My training at Torch Light Music helped strengthen me as a performer. I started taking private voice lessons there when I was a sophomore in high school. Ms. Lynch is an amazing teacher; everything that she taught me had an impact on my voice and performance. You can see her love of music through her teaching and personality. Taking lessons and classes at Torch Light Music helped me gain more confidence to do what I love. The experience that you will get from Maura at Torch Light Music is like no other; you will do nothing but benefit from Ms. Lynch’s teaching. I highly recommend going to her studio if you have a love of music and performing!

Melissa S. (Student)

Hi Maura & Clyde, I wanted to tell you that the last show was really excellent! Each show I have seen has progressed and your last one was the best to date. I am looking forward to the next one.

Heather F. (Parent)